Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Decision ~

Well I go for interview this is week and got the job.
but the job doesn't exactly match my qualification.
I'm not being very demanded but if I think further,
My Mom, Dad, Aunt & Uncle has the point.
I'm goin' to an interview that doesn't need & look for my 
qualification but own interest.
whether I want it or not.
It's not appropriate really.
Its okay.
At least I had some experience in interviews.
Sorry Amassurance.

I think I made my decision.
Thanks to Mom & all that giving me the guidelines.
They know what the best for me.
They had experience on this long time ago.
Theres a better chances out there.
Don't be in rush.
Now time to do Thesis & do great in Viva.

All the best for me & all friends.

Love Ya Mom, Dad, Aunt & uncle..
You guys help me a lot..
I won't Make you disappointed.

There is a way for me to get better cuz I know I deserved it.