Thursday, April 14, 2011

~ Hurt

The reason I'm writing is not to impress but it is the way for me to express
I let my emotion flow cause sometimes I feel stressed
But don't worry I'm not that depressed.

The reason I'm here is not to disturb or bother you
I just wanna here you say ' I'll Stand By You'
But a hope that will never be cause I'm the one who stand for you.

The reason I'm missing you is not because we are done but I'm gone
You lost me and my heart is as hard as stone
Don't fight for getting me back, you will never won.

The reason is 'simple'.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Broken ~

Same goes to you
When you are hurt, I wont be besides you
Cause I know you will be okay

Same goes to you
When you are crying I wont lend my shoulder 
Cause I know you don't want to be bother

Same goes to you
When you feeling lonely, I wont be around
Cause I know you will have the game to found

Same goes to you
When you are lost, I wont show direction
Cause I know u will be fine

Same goes to you
When you are in pain, I wont heal it
Cause I know you are stronger enough to bare it

Same goes to you
When you are sick, I wont even care
Cause I know you wont share

Same goes to you
When you missed the flight, I wont even wait
Cause I know all you wanted was a fight

Same goes to you
When you don't love, I wont give a dove
Cause I know you cover your love with a glove

Same goes to me
When you don't need me, I will copy and paste
Cause I know being with you is just a Waste.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

We are One ~

'The Time' by B.E.P will be my Wedding Song
It's never gonna be wrong
As we are Getting Strong
'The Time' is where we Belong.

Seeing you make my heart beats fast
Meeting you while on a cast
Covers all the pain in the past
I wish our Love will never last. 

You are someone who listen never just hear
Every time you whispers in my ear
Saying that you will be here
Therefore I know you are always near.

We go for movies, we go for shopping
Together we're in Love and not much hoping
Not a little we felt we are wasting
Because now we get The Happy Ending.

Listen to Bruno Mars Song 'Marry You'
 'Yes' thats what you wanna hear, Don't you?
Deep in my heart I say I do
With a smile I said My Heart Belong to You.

Rings are on my finger
Like Mariah Carey's song, I feel 'We Belong Together'
Pray that it will last forever....

We are One...