Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Welcome Home Shan..!

Welcome Home Shan!
Really missed you!
It was a great time together..
Thanks to Maslin@Bob for spending his time..
Really appreciate that..
Until Next Time Guys!
Hope you Guys Like this! 

1st Destination is Perdana Park Tg.Aru
Pretty2 Dancing Water.. 
It was Peaceful..

Me, Shanti & Shanti's sister, Julita

2nd Destination is Tg. Aru..
Havin' Dinner here..
Shanti is Starving after few hours flight.. That was tiring of course
There were Delays! huh..

Satay: Been Craving for this! &

Avocado Juice.. Love Avocado Juice so Much!
Poor Bob.. Was tired from the Exams! 
All the Best for the results!

Next Destination is Centrepoint, KK
Karaoke Time!
LOL..! ^_^

Haahaahaa.. ^_^

Outside the K-Box!

Love This! Kung Fu Panda!

Shanti is on Action!
Nice one Shan!

Time To go Home..
Kisses.. Muah..

Great Time Guys..